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Medals Screen

Medals Medal are a secondary currency that give the player extra base damage when they reach certain milestones. There are currently three ways to obtain Medals; farming mobs, claiming them from your Power Level rewards or by purchasing them directly with Gems.

Medals gained from farming will only be awarded for that specific mob, but Medals from Power Level rewards and Gem purchases allow you to dictate where those medals are placed.

It is generally recommended to put available Medals into mini-boss mobs (every 5th level) and zone bosses (every 10th level). Since boss mobs have much higher HP than regular mobs, farming them for medals isn't very efficient. They are more of a "roadblock" to keep progression at a slower pace.

The damage is applied universally, not just for the monster you apply the medals to.

Getting each mini-boss and regular boss to 50 medals then to 100 medals is the most efficient damage boost per medal path. Medal to damage ratio is at the bottom of the page.

Medal drop rates are based on your Infinity Level:

  • 1/3000 at Infinity Level 0
  • 1/2000 at Infinity Level 1
  • 1/1000 at Infinity Level 2
  • 1/500  at Infinity Level 3+

Every Infinity Level after 4 will grant you an extra "Medal roll", giving you an increased chance to get additional Medals per drop.

Each Warp Level adds 10+Warp level medals to the drop table.

Current medal tiers and damage increases:

Medal Tier Damage increase Damage/Medal
10 +7 0.70
25 +26 1.04
50 +63 1.26
100 +124 1.24
250 +215 0.86
500 +342 0.684
1000 +511 0.511
2500 +728 0.2912




  • Medals can also be obtained by combining Medal Warpstones. Amount earned is based on the rarity.
    (250 Common/500 Rare/1000 Epic/5000 Legemdary)