A mob of bandits have ransacked Gombo's home town of all of their precious summer ale! It's up to Gombo to prove himself to the town elders through the heroic act of destroying the bandit gang and returning the stolen ale back to his kinfolk... well most of it, anyway!


Fight the thieving bandits, drink copious amounts of ale to upgrade, and gain EvP for great rewards!


Ale Ale - Used in Gombo's Hero Origin


  • Use Gombo's attacks to defeat Bandits and earn EVP.
  • Upgrade Gombo using Ale dropped by defeating bandits to make him stronger.
  • Claim all EVP rewards by defeating all 20 Bandits.

Event Items


Deft GlovesCutpurse Dagger


Elixirstone RingGang Captain Armor


Emerald Pearl RingCommander Belt


Ancient HelmGold Toe Boots


Elixir BombMining ClawsCommander Armor


  • This event has no leaderboards unlike the previous event, which means that there are no rank-based items to earn.
  • You are given 20 Days to collect all the event items and earn some extra Gold, Elixir, Gems, Food and Event Tokens.
  • At the end of the event, there is a grace period in which you can spend your event tokens in case you couldn't do so before.
  • Make sure to spend your tokens so you don't miss out on any potential rewards, tokens do not overflow to the next event.
  • Unlike later events, the player could not defeat enemies after their final EVP reward. This was later changed during Larawen's Hero Origin.
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