Gold Coin is the primary and most important currency in Infinite Hero. It's main use is improving Battle, Gold, Auto and Click upgrades. It can also be used to unlock tree levels.

The player's main source of gold is killing enemy mobs. Each creature drops a number of Gold Coins when defeated, and the amount of Gold in each coin is dependent on the monster level and several upgrades and bonuses, including:

While the number of coins is random, it is limited by the More Coins gold upgrade.

Other sources of Gold includes:

  • Daily reward claims
  • Daily Circuit rewards
  • Clearing Mining tiles
  • Gold Explorations
  • Entering bonus Codes
  • Event participation
  • Collecting taxes from your Castle
  • Weekly Leaderboard rank placements
  • When a Gold stone is used as the primary during Warpstone combination, the player receives an amount of gold equal to a simulated number of progress hours based on rarity (1/6/24/125 hours).

There is an Achievement based on total Gold earned.